Meet Mike White, the recently released felon trying to acclimate to his new life as a legitimate businessman but life may have other plans in store for him.


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  • Ciro you will go as far as you want in every way you have what it takes, all the talent and brains too, life was tough for a long time now it time to reap all the benefits, you earned it SALUT…

  • I am from the life grew up in the 60s and seventies arround east Harlem purple gang this show is real as fuck I live in orlando now for 29 years there is no life anymore it’s over I am a big fan like a teenage girl going to watch new kids on the block, I tell all my friends what’s left on the street rest decor doing life when I saw the trailer for the first time I said wow then upon reading about. My man I see he is the real deal nobullshit I loved the Soppranos but this shut is real as fuck I am one of your biggest fans he ain’t acting its him Good luck I know this will be the biggest thing ever I am not a fag but I love this guy