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I come from poverty.
The only ways of life ingrained in me by the streets.
I can talk Ivy league, high fluttin, pinkie out, flume drinking with the best of them.
I can flip the script at the drop of a hat and run straight gutter through everything you ever known.
Kill a Kiton suit like I belong on Wall Street while emptying your pockets like I’m David Copperfield.
Went from nothing to everything and then right back to nothing...Twice.
I am back now.
Fucking tired of the merry go round and worthless promises and bullshit come ups that only end in temporary riches and endless indictments.
Fact is, No matter how hard you try and do right people, circumstances, and life in general has a way of fucking all your good natured hopes right out of you and the one true motto of the streets always rings in my head....
Get it how you live, even if its in blood.
#CiroDapagio #TheMobKing

Please welcome my dear, dear friend Oksana Lada to the cast of Mobking, The Movie.
Many of you will remember her as Tony Sopranos mistress Irina, The Russian temptress that caused Tony’s marriage to end and his wife to toss all his clothes in the yard.
She had a successful run as this character for four seasons on the Sopranos as well as many other roles on shows like 30 rock, orange is the new black and countless movie appearances.
See you in set .....
Filming begins in March 2021
A Ciro Dapagio Film

A criminal Mind, A comedic genius, The Mobking ...

My enemies are not out numbered....
They are out organized.
#CiroDapagio #TheMobKing

Racketeering..... Three or more people conspiring to commit the same crime over a period of 30 days or more.
Its called RICO.
To be convicted, in theory of course, The government must prove 4 elements have occurred within that conspiracy.
I- Influence
C- Corrupt
O- Organization
The racket can be anything from a Gentlemens club, a Casino, or any range of businesses from a sales op to pushing vending machines.
The influence is the threat of violence by the alleged corrupt organization.
Once labeled anything from a gang member to wise guy any business you have no matter how legal it is is now a racket because of your participation in it.
Who labels you....The fucking government.
Pretty convenient huh.
Create a law based on exactly how they operate and then target and ruin countless lives of people simply doing what everyone else in the country does.
Run a business.
#TheMobKing #CiroDapagio

If you can’t cash it, see it, feel it, fuck it, move it, drive it, carry it, show it, lift it, drop it, or negotiate with it .....It dont exist.
All the rest is just noise.

Men will spend thousands of dollars on lingerie, chocolates, and flowers for Valentine’s day to show their love and devotion for their significant others while capping the night standing at the end of the bed looking like this 🤦🏻‍♂️
Ah, These poor, poor ladies.
Happy Valentine’s day