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Here is another little ritual baby Ciro has.
If I am home, or out to eat with him he will not sit or eat anywhere except on my lap.
There is no if’s, and’s about it.
As such, He learns to eat many different things.
Today it’s chicken quesadilla. This is not new to him because we eat at juice-n-jave quite often so i know to order things he will eat.
He loves it with the guacamole and salsa.
I think it is the most amazing thing that he does this and i love it no matter how messy we both get at times.
Salute my friends. 

When you realize your life has gone from a house of horrors to things dreams are made of and you just have to pinch yourself to know if its real…..Yup.
I am often asked what is it that inspires me.
Aside from the obvious (My kids and Grandkids) you are looking at her.
She inspires me everyday to be greater than the day before in the way that she treats me, loves me, and makes me feel.
When you have the right partner in life the desire to do big things happens on the daily.
On a side note and a completely obvious point, When she looks like this it sometimes becomes hard to breathe and concentrate but I have had worse problems in my life 😉
I salute you all my friends in this the best time of the year in my opinion, The holiday season

He may call out for his momma in the middle of the night or early in the morning when he wakes, But at bedtime its all daddy.
I am in the bath and he comes barging in and says…Daddy, Put me in bed.
Mommy says, Daddy’s in the bath, come.
I say, I got you Ciro, He turns towards mommy and says, Daddy got me.
So I get out real quick, Lay him down like I do every night and this is what he does.
He will drink his milk, Then say…
Daddy, Hand, And fall out.
When I tell you this is everything in the world to me it out stretches anything you can possibly imagine.
I would turn down a winning powerball ticket before I would give up this small little father and son ritual.
I am by far the happiest dad on earth.
Its the little things for me.

Only thing you can take from me is notes.
Mobking, The Movie
Coming early 2022
Directed by Jorge Jokes Yanes
Ciro Dapagio
James Russo
Robert LaSardo
Stelio Savante
Oksana Lada
Antoni Corone
Anthony Caliendo
Paul Borghese
Elisabetta Fantone Cohen
Celine Alva
Bruce Soscia
Michael Villar
Joseph JoeyCat Catalano
Tony Ferro
James Bishop
Joe Di Bari
Vincent Prestigiacomo
Kathrina Miccio
Dave Iacovetti
Lola Dapagio
Jude Dexter
Paul Vario
Daniel Gottfried
Jamie Mattus
Tomasso Rosiello
Jamal Kendrell Wright
Armand Madeo
Christian Baquero
Jeremy Valentino
Spade Isart
Adrian Salazar
Alex Gailey
Sethan Michael
Maax West
Maria Escobar
Jack Hays

Everybody cooks, Everybody eats, Everybody needs olive oil.
The best christmas stocking stuffers you can possibly give.
Mobking, Ciro Dapagio collector edition oils and balsamics.
The best tasting flavors you will ever try.
Order yours today.

On this day to be thankful.
Remember how lucky you are that you no longer fuck with the scumbags you have come across in this thing we call life.
Always remember….
Measure twice, Cut once.
Happy Holiday

Everything to me …..💙 ...

I will be surprising you with a new teaser. When?
That would ruin the surprise.
Suffice to say, If i am mentioning it, Your wait will not be long.
Mobking, The Movie.
Raising the bar on how movies are made.

Behind the scenes ….Mobking, The Movie
Robert LaSardo
Joseph JoeyCat Catalano
Coming 2022

How they livin …… ...

I believe your whole life shows in your face.
The greatest location in the world for me is to be parked in front of yours ❤️

I travel a road paved in blood because for me there is no other choice, It’s a matter of life and death.
My heart overflows with good intentions and yet my hands feel best when covered in blood.
Mike White….
Mobking, The Movie.
Coming 2022

I have believed against all odds.
My devotion has created art.
Getting a major motion picture made by someone like me defies all
comprehension and yet I am getting it done.
That makes me a success.
That success becomes magical when you achieve it against insurmountable odds.
Envy, Hate, Jealousy.
The difference here is the thousands upon thousands who are rooting for me, For my team, For my cast mates.
That crushes the bad vibes.
Karma crushes the rest.
I will keep the fight against the wobble because if I win, Everyone and anyone can win.
From street thug, convict, criminal, and whatever else one wishes to say….
I turned it around.
No one can ever take that away from me.

Behind the scenes still…
Mobking, The Movie

Behind the scenes still….
Mobking, The movie
Elisabetta Fantone Cohen
Celine Alva
Jorge Jokes Yanes

Behind the scenes still ….
Mobking, The Movie
Stelio Savante
Anthony Caliendo
Ciro Dapagio

Behind the scene still….Mobking, the movie
Stelio Savante
Anthony Caliendo
Adrian Salazar
Ciro Dapagio