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If you gotta ask who’s street this is....
You dont belong on this street.

I am an Actor.
I am a Producer.
I am a Writer.
I am an EMMY award nominee.
I am a multi award winner.
I make Movies.
Most importantly....
I am a good human.

Word is a big press junket coming for The Mobking, T.V. Series in LA the first week of February including an exclusive Interview and photoshoot with Variety magazine. Any of my Los Angeles/Hollywood California fans who wish to meet me now will be that time.
I will be staying at the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills so stay tuned for further announcements.
Looking forward to catching up with show-runner and mega producer Pat Andrew and seeing my manager/business partner Diana Carter as well.

Some people rock diamonds and fancy cars.....I rock Lola ...

Spent 20 in the can and another ten before that under surveillance or some type of bullshit supervision.
Got out and changed my life and now I got more stamps on my passport than a hooker has prayers for a new life.
If I can do it the possibility is there for everyone.
No one’s past can define you if the future is paved with redemption.

Another one.....Best Actor.
This is the first 22 minutes of the movie we will be shooting titled The Mobking.
I have won over 50 best actor awards and we have over 100 awards for this film alone.
I am very excited about the next 70 minutes we will shoot and cannot wait for this film to reach you guys.

Katalina Viteri joins the cast of Mobking, The Movie.
Katalina is already an established powerhouse when it comes to the acting chops and I am big with surrounding myself and my cast with the very best.
I look forward to working with her in the coming days.

Lola Dapagio joins the cast of Mobking, The movie.
Enough said on this one, Pic is worth a thousand words.
Filming begins Feb 2021