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Here supporting my friends at the new location in adventure for 4 ever young anti aging solutions.
The USA WBFF Miss Bikini 2020 champ and fitness coach Maaxx West and owner Jeanette Brown.

I am often asked whats my secret.
People want my advice on things, Relationships mostly.
I have no secrets.
I just keep it real with her.
I don’t play games and I don’t do slimy shit.
People nowadays think its cool to cheat, lie, deceive and hurt.
I think its disgusting.
There is nothing cooler to me on planet earth than a loyal couple.
I am very grateful to have love.
To not have to seek what deep down everyone wishes for.
So why fuck that up for something you will always regret.
Be faithful to who you are as a person.
Have character. Be a man.
Advice? Hmmm. Lets see.
What works best for me is this.
I dont argue with her, Even when she is picking for a fight.
( They do that you know 😉 )
I just smile at her .....
( Which really makes her angry), Until I pick her up, Usually over my shoulder, Carry her off to bed or what have you and just wrestle through that little attitude till she easily remembers what really makes her happy to begin with....Me.

Be a giant among men ...

Because everyone’s life should be this beautiful 💙 ...

I don’t normally walk around the streets of Miami’s Wynwood district, But when I do....
You can best believe its half naked with a lime in my hand ready to celebrate Mexico’s win over France on May 5 1862
Feliz Cinco de Mayo 🥂🥂🥂

Oil from the Gods?
You better believe it.
Coming June 2021 to a table near you.
We will have many ordering options available including Amazon and in store purchases from locations like Anna's Coffee Shop in Ft lauderdale Florida

I don’t always head out onto the miami river with a guest in tow....
But when I do, Eh...
Behind the scenes

He has my facial expressions down pat.
For instance, This is my exact expression right now when I realize the disrespect of one person has cost another he is close with a huge part in a movie.
Easy come, easy go.
C’est la vie

A deadly snake never realizes it poisonous...It just bites and everything around it dies.
#CiroDapagio #TheMobKing

Behind the scenes...Mobking, The Movie ...

Behind the scenes....Mobking, The Movie
Prison blues
Robert LaSardo
Spade Isart
Anthony Caliendo
David Ford Jr.
Ciro Dapagio

If you had any idea all the shit I pulled off today I believe it would blow your minds.
The price you pay to make movies.
No matter what though, I still make sure I am home to celebrate why I do it all....
Happy Birthday my beautiful boy.
Daddy loves you beyond measure

When you taking on what seems like insurmountable odds and dealing with a tsunami of responsibility and task putting this movie together....Shit starts to really take its toll.
Who better to go see to calm myself down than Momma dukes Iacovetti.
She always knows how to get me right and put me back on course ❤️

Lola Dapagio in character as prison nurse
Tara Johnson
Mobking, The Movie.
Currently in production