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I never pour Into a cup that has not poured into mine
Be it friend, Family, or associate
#CiroDapagio #TheMobKing

If anyone see’s Jason floating in the bay....
Its wasn’t us.

You know those certain people who think they are above the rest....
You know the ones.
Don’t respond no matter the importance to you because you basically dont matter.
The ones that are always so busy (Allegedly) that to respond would alter the earth’s gravitational pull.
Phone...Answer machine.
Text....No reply
Life has a funny way of always circling back.
No matter how powerful they believe themselves to be.
It always happens with me.
Never once has she failed me...
This great woman.
She has also become my greatest ally after bruising me for so many years.
This post is dedicated to her.
Work your beautiful magic Karma.
The world’s stage is your domain.

How does it look when an Italian prince hits the yard.....
🇮🇹 C.D. 2 🇮🇹
... ... ...

There are two sides to every story....
Fuck your side though.
#CiroDapagio #TheMobKing

Just received notification that I have been nominated in this years New York annual awards and judging contest for the best performances in film for winners only from the most prestigious film festivals worldwide.
Here is the really cool part and again a new first, At least for this ceremony.
I am nominated four different times in four different projects so I am once again battling agaisnt myself and a few select others.
The vegas awards for example have me competing against Baldwin and Roberts for example.
So more than likely they are in this as well among others.
Probably wont win this one but you never know. You have to be in it to win it and that in itself is a real feat that I am very proud of.
4 time nominee...4 different projects....
The only one on earth who can say that in regards to this competition.
I will take that.

I had a guy who has known me for sometime say to me ...
Doesn’t it amaze you how much good fortune you have considering how bad of a guy you were.
I said, How bad of a guy was I ?
He says, well, I mean in society’s eyes and all.
So I said, Can you tell me one thing “bad” that you know I did.
He said, Well I know they say you were part of this thing and did these things.
I said, Do you know personally anyone from the “They” you reference.
He said No.
So finally I said...It doesn’t surprise me that I have good fortune even though “They” may have been right.
I went on to elaborate.....I did 20 yrs in Prison on a charge “RICO” that is unconstitutional and makes people responsible for anything and everything other people do that “They” say work under you. That particular case was bogus. All bullshit thrown at a fan to see what sticks and hope bigger chess pieces will fall.
Not one piece I was expected to protect did. In return I paid the price. Unjust? No.
All the things I allegedly may have done was being paid back by some bullshit no one did.
The way life works. That sentence reset the karma deck because I did 19yrs, 11 months and 17 days.
8 yrs of that in solitary confinment under various investigations that were bullshit as well.
More Karma.
Since being free, I have done exactly the opposite of everything I have ever done.
I care about people instead of hurting them.
I help unfortunate people everyday without broadcasting any of it. Just me and that person know what has occurred.
I dont lie to people or cheat them.
I keep everything blood raw with everything and anytime something good happens to me I play it forward two times the amount of good fortune shown me to others who need it twice as much as I.
I have developed goodwill towards others that is now an automatic reflection of my character as who I am today.
So the universe is rewarding me for that.
A great family, wife, children, career and associates.
No, I am not surprised at all.

Past winners include Tom Hanks, Baldwin and Roberts.
This is not your momma’s average film fest.
We have swept 5 huge film festivals worldwide and won several others.
I have now received 12 best actor trophies in the last 10 days and have won each time nominated.
Im blown away by this fact. It is so hard for me to comprehend how that is happening.
I am very proud of this as I went against all established middle ground and big name actors and won.
I am deeply humbled by all this but also fired up about my prospects of actually making a living doing this.
Salute my friends...I will post the awards separately for this festival.
We swept all awards nominated for and that is a big deal.

Want to know how a successful production company produces results?
This is just the last week of my prison comedy Suitcasing out now on Amazon Prime.
11 different festivals, Official selections, Best comedy and Best actor nominations and wins.
Compound that with the same results for the Mobking and Silent Partners and you can see why we are setting records on the festival circuit.
Salute my friends.
More trophies coming 😉