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Yesterday was a busy day preparing for todays film shoot. Greeting the actors, Room checkins, location follow ups, Insurances, Props, Art department meetings and wardrobe…..
All important.
However, To me, Nothing was more important that driving like a madman to make sunset in the park with my boy a reality.
My entire being lives in this little soul ❤️

Please welcome my dear friend Paul Vario to the cast of Mobking, The Movie.
He has worked before with me on Silent Partners and we are close friends in real life.
He is a very talented actor and artist. If you would like to see some of his art click his page and send him a request.
He sells most of what he creates.
A little side movie trivia for you as well.
Most of you know the true story goodfellas was based on surrounded a main boss in real life named Paul Vario.
This is his grandson.
Go buy a piece of his art and I look forward to you all seeing him on film.

Having a nice afternoon out with my pals actor James Russo and my partner Anthony Caliendo.
A little R&R before we hit the set tomorrow filming Mobking, The movie.

Order your collector’s items today.
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I am pleased to announce that Paul Borghese has joined the cast of Mobking, The Movie.
Paul has over a hundred movie credits to his name including the irishman and will be the final addition to our cast.
You know what they say ….Save the best for last 😉
Mobking is currently filming.

I am very pleased to announce the addition of Stelio Savante to the cast of Mobking, The movie.
With an incredible resume of acting credits, This gentleman is the go to for some of hollywoods biggest directors having worked with the likes of Ron Howard and J.J. Abrams, and Academy Award winner Juan Jose’ Campanella.
Click the link below to see some of his work and awards including A SAG ensemble award for his work on Ugly Betty and countless other awards and accolades.
Stelio is as fine an actor as you will come across and I want to thank my pal James Russo for the assist in landing Stelio.
I am very, very stoked about this as nothing is more important to a project than great actors.

My dear friend Oksana Lada is in route to Miami to star in Mobking, The Movie.
Many of you will remember her from The Sopranos as she played Irina Peltsin, Tony’s mistress for three seasons and she has been in many memorable shows and films including orange is the new black, The big take, Safe, and CSI to name a few.
Can’t wait to see her performance and work with her as she has a great scene with myself, Artie Pasquale, Anthony Caliendo, Celine Alva, Christopher DeFranco, and Elisabetta Fantone.

I made a wish …..And you came true ❤️ ...

My greatest achievements and source of pride.
My kids.

Clash of the titans …..
Looking forward to filming our big knock down, drag’em out fight scene for Mobking, the movie with my man Bruce Soscia.
Mike White’s character runs into a tank when he faces of with the notorious street boss Carlo Sasso in what will be an epic cinematic battle coordinated by the best of the best….Mr Juan Bofill.
On a side note, I meet alot of people in this business and it’s refreshing to meet someone like Bruce who I have become good friends with which will make this experience all the more enjoyable.
Stay tuned for the behind the scenes coming next weekend.,

You cant make a weak man strong by making a strong man weak.…
Mobking, The Movie.
Filming now.
Starring …..
Ciro Dapagio
Antoni Corone
Elisabetta Fantone Cohen
Celine Alva
Anthony Caliendo
Robert LaSardo
James Russo
Bruce Soscia
Gennaro Pastore
Christopher DeFranco
Michael Villar
Artie Pasquale
Tony Ferro
Oksana Lada
Joseph JoeyCat Catalano
James Bishop
Lola Dapagio
Daniel Gottfried
Jamal Kendrell Wright
Kathrina Miccio
Armand Madeo
Joe Di Bari
Vincent Prestigiacomo
Dave Iacovetti
Tomasso Tesoro
Christian Baquero
Maax west
kerby Collins
Created by Ciro Dapagio
Stunt Coordinator/ Special effects/ Fight Coordinator Juan Bofill
Directed by Jorge Jokes Yanes

So …Yeah.
If you haven’t noticed by all the pics of baby ciro in different costumes lately …..He has this super hero thing going on.
Captain america, Batman, Spiderman, You name it.
Its how it goes down in this house 🤷🏻‍♂️

Time to surprise them all ….. ...

We recognized each other instantly.
All of our past lives flashed through our minds in a split second.
That pull was so strong that nothing could stop it.
I love when people say how can god hear the hundreds of billions of people who have ever lived and are living …The answer is simple.
There are not hundreds of billions of souls.
They are the same ones coming and going and each life has its lessons.
The perception of god is flawed as well.
God, For lack of a better word is a Universal pulse, a Universal energy, a seed if you will.
But I digress…
The goal is for the evolution of your soul, your very existence, and to see if you ever reach enlightenment.
Then, and only then will you ever cross over to what makes up 95% of everything in the universe you cant see.
We are always looking to unite with familiar souls.
We are also always seeking the souls we have loved past.
Your children in this life more than likely were your parents in past lives etc etc.
Maybe for most as life has become so superficial.
But truthful nonetheless.
Follow your hearts my friends and seek only the positive energies.
One of the greatest lies told is that you have to work at relationships. I will tell you this, If you have to work at it it’s not the right one for you.
The right relationships flow, Not bounce.
That goes for every kind from friendships to partnerships.
It’s the flow.

My greatest flex …..not having to flex.
1 year ago.… 170 lbs
Today ….. 243 lbs

I wake up next to her everyday and fall asleep next to her every night.
We have been a couple for nearly 4 years.
She is the most compassionate, loving, and caring person to me that I have ever known.
An amazing mother and my best friend.
Yet, Every single day her beauty takes my breath away as if something from a movie or a magazine.
Such a magnificent, natural, beauty.
I stay dazzled by it and by her.
My wife, My life, My love ❤️

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I saw a post I didn’t like, I didn’t get offended.
I felt no need to change their mind and I didn’t comment.
I kept scrolling and went on with my day.
You heard that…. my day.
I don’t occupy my time watching someones page I don’t care for.
No one rents space in my head that I dont invite there.
Some of you should try that.
You would be a-lot happier of a person I think.
But if you must watch and can’t stand the one you watching….You already lost.
Ain’t no advice anyone can give you that will ever get you a win on that one.

It’s that look that does it for me ….
As if, just right then, she realizes I exist.
Even though she has looked at me a million times already, That exact same way.
How you show up magnetizes who shows up for you.
Salute my friends.